Why Are Some Women Destined To Remain Single?

“There’s No Good Men Out There” is getting old. If everyday there are new happy relationships being formed, what’s the chances it’s really about the quality of men? Look, I get it. Of course there are some guys who are jerks, but the operative word is “some”. Not every guy is a cheater, a player or emotionally unavailable. Not every guy is a flake or lacks class. Not every guy is looking for a one night stand. Not every guy is broke seeking a sugarmama. Not every guy is hung up on an ex. And, not every guy is like your ex. In fact, most guys are pretty hard working, decent men who seek loving companionship. Yes, there are some guys who are all of the above, but most men are good guys.

Could it be that something else is going on?

Every week I meet or speak to fantastic women who are attracting love into their lives. In fact the other day I spoke to a woman in her 70’s who met the second love of her life after her husband died. Can you believe it, she found love in her seventies. She had one simple principle she followed when she began dating. Her internal voice kept saying “I love men”. Everyday she would say it over and over, “I love men”. She told me she loved everything about men, they way they smelled, they way they looked and even the way they acted. She loved men.

Now she also told me that “being the best I can be” is how she lives her life. Exercise, reading books, nurturing friendships, spending time with family and healthy eating habits is vitally important to her and her life. She felt being the best she can be would be attractive to men and she was right. Her guy is attracted to who she is on the inside and her zest for life. By the way, she looks great on the outside too.

Speaking to a 70 year old woman can really give you perspective (something about life experience and wisdom which I find very attractive). She told me that most women today are just bad daters even the women her own age. She said that they either have a chip on their shoulder, they believe men are bad, they think sex is how you win a man over, they don’t feel good about themselves to be in relationship or they really don’t know what they want. Now you might be thinking, hey she’s an older woman with limited choices and what does she know anyway. Well that’s one way to look at it, but she found love and that’s what really matters… right?

Let’s face it, we all want love and while I agreed with her that many women are bad daters, most women have so much going for themselves and just need a little help when it comes to dating, mating & relating. In fact, for most women finding love is just a matter of time.

Dating can be like the lottery and sometimes it just takes buying a ticket (or going out on dates) before you get a winner. With the lottery, every play produces multiple winners from a jackpot to small prizes and there are lots of winners. Dating can be much like the lottery and you must buy a ticket to win.

So let me ask you, is the reason why some women are single: A) there are no good men out there, B) they are just bad daters or C) not going out on dates?

Personally, I think it’s just a matter of timing and if you approach dating with a positive attitude, be the best you can be and go out on dates your chances of finding a loving relationship has much better odds.

So what’s the real reason why some women are destined to remain single?