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Why Men Pull Away – Discover the Inner Conflicts That Cause Him to Disappear, So You Can Create a Relationship He’ll Never Want to Leave

It’s a heartbreaking and sadly predictable dating experience: you’ve met someone you’re really into, and he seems into you too! Then suddenly – and completely without warning – he mysteriously pulls back (or disappears altogether) after a few “great” days together or a few weeks of “exclusive” dating.

You are heartbroken! What happened? Why did he pull away? And just when things were really getting good!

If you are ready to put a “cease and desist” order on this frustrating and painful dating situation, then the time is NOW for you to order this two-part audio program.

In it, you’ll discover…

  • How to know a “Flight Risk” when you meet him.
  • The spoken and unspoken signs that he’s planning his escape.
  • What you may be doing that is inadvertently pushing him away.
  • How to know if he’s really ready to get and stay close.
  • The secrets that will have him wanting to Get Close and Stay Close – to YOU!

Plus, you’ll receive more than $280 of valuable bonus recordings to help you better understand men and what makes them act as they do.

Price: $10.00

emotionally-distant-manStop Weeping Over An Emotionally Distant Man & Find A Keeper Instead

Many woman suffer from a pattern of continually dating men who are emotionally unavailable, then wasting months or years of their life hoping their man will change.

Why does this happen?

For the most part, you get lured into this emotional dead end time after time because these men are often very good at giving morsels of hope, which is often all you need to be sucked in for an indefinite period of pain and suffering. He showed his heart once, so you keep hanging around hoping he’ll show it again. You may even wait forever in order to see that soft, vulnerable and in-touch-with-his-deeper-side again, it’s THAT alluring.

It’s time to put an end to the cycle.

In this audio program you will learn:

  • The root causes of a man being emotionally unavailable, so you can understand him better than he may understand himself.
  • If there’s something you’re doing or not doing that causes him to go distant and cold.
  • How to identify the emotionally unavailable man before you fall in too deep and get hurt.
  • Why you attract these men in the first place, so you can break the cycle and attract the right man, or know how to change the pattern and get that unavailable man to open up and fall in love with you.
  • How to distinguish between your unconscious patterns that are destroying your love life, and circumstances that may not be in your control in the first place. What choices are you making that are contributing to these situations?

Price: $27.00

unlock-male-mindUnlocking the Male Mind: What Men Want When It Comes To Love, Sex and Commitment

Has it been difficult for you to find a good, desirable man who isn’t in some way commitment-phobic or afraid of love?  Men can be difficult to understand. Dating can feel like a crazy-making endeavor. Why, for example, will a man say one thing (“I’m really into you”) but do another (not call for days and days, or ignore your text messages)?

In this program, you’ll discover:

  • How to spot a commitment-ready man, and the kind of man that you should avoid at all costs.
  • The seven psychological “triggers” that make a man want to commit to a woman.
  • What men REALLY want in a relationship…it’s probably not what you think.
  • The tell-tale sign to spot a man is truly emotionally available, or one who’ll run as soon as things get  “intense.”
  • What a man really means when he says certain things…like “I’m looking for a woman who knows how to have fun” or “I want to take things slow” or “Let’s just see where this goes” 
  • What a man considers sexy and what will turn him off…which may surprise you
  • What it really means when a man acts flaky, distant, stand-offish or suddenly turns cold, and how YOU should handle it.
Plus, you’ll get instant access to these valuable bonuses:
  • Bonus eBook & audio: The Relationships Men Commit to and Why – Find out if your relationship is going to go the distance.
  • Bonus Workbooks: Relationship Ready Man Tests – Is he really ready for a relationship?
  • Bonus Recording: His Hero’s Journey to Commitment – Why (and how) men screw up and what it means for the future of your relationship.
  • Bonus Recording: Attract Men Who Don’t Need Fixing – Stop getting stuck with men who are broken and start attracting who are ready and able to commit.
  • Bonus Recording: 5 Keys to Unlocking His Heart – Discover the simple keys that will trigger love and commitment in any man.
Price: $47.00

Finding Love OnlineFinding Love Online: 7 Mistakes You’re Making When Seeking True Love and How To Do It Right

Quickly and easily magnetize the man of your dreams online by learning how to create a profile he can’t resist and applying specific techniques to separate the high-quality man who shares your values from duds, perverts and scammers.

When it comes to meeting Mr. Right, the Internet is the place to be. According to recent studies, close to a third of couples who married within the last decade met online. They’re also slightly less likely to divorce than couples who first met face-to-face.

In this audio course, you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome the fear and anxiety that’s either keeping you from trying online dating or putting 100% effort into meeting the right man
  • The important do’s and don’ts of online dating that keep you safe and increase your chances for finding love online dramatically
  • How to use specific words and phrases in your profile that magically attract a man…and certain words that will instantly disqualify you in a man’s mind
  • How to create a profile that will stand out among the thousands of profiles vying for that quality guy’s attention, so Mr. Right doesn’t pass you by
  • How you may accidentally be turning men OFF with your profile, and how to fix that immediately

If you…

  • Struggle to create an online dating profile that attracts the right men
  • Get so nervous on a first date that you’re worried you’ll drive him away with your awkwardness
  • Worry that the guy who contacted you is just another scammer, player, liar – or worse
  • Wonder which dating sites are right for you – and which ones are just a waste of time

Then you need this audio course. Click the link below to find out more.

Price: $127.00