Are Men Intimidated by Strong Women?

There’s a longstanding belief that men are intimidated and frequently henpecked by strong women, but I don’t agree with that a single bit.

Some people confuse strong women with domineering women who are controlling, disrespectful and critical. They need to be in charge of every aspect of their life, as well as those around them. That’s the type of woman that men are quite happy to eliminate from their lives.

But on the contrary, a strong woman is the kind of woman a mature man most desires because she has healthy boundaries and her actions match her words.

A strong woman…

*doesn’t play games.
*knows what she wants.
*isn’t afraid to tell a man she likes him.
*has a life outside of the relationship.
*is attracted to the man who introduces her to growth opportunities.
*understands a man has to put his purpose and priorities ahead of her.
*may want to be in a relationship, but doesn’t need one to be complete.

She values herself as she also embraces her femininity as she accepts and embraces masculinity. She has the capacity to love deeply and she is capable of receiving as well. At the same time, she is also wise enough to know that it brings a man joy to help make her happy and is accepting of his desire to please and provide for her, knowing that this will empower him out in the real world too. (That being said, every couple has their own give and take.)

A man who is mature and sure of himself shouldn’t be put off by a strong woman. By having the confidence to pursue a relationship with a strong woman, you can dare to dream of building a beautiful future together. Consider her your partner and equal and the rewards will be great for both of you.

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