There Are No Good Men Out There. Really, Is That Really True?

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that “there are no good men out there,” I would be rich. Well, actually I am rich. Rich because I am following my passion helping women understand men.

Shifting patterns and stories is a foundational piece of my work with almost every client and follower. Most of you know my mantra of “loving men,” love everything about them and believing that good men are “everywhere”. This mantra is designed to shift the belief that there are no good men out there or that men are jerks. My clients who use this approach seem to attract loads of great men into their life.

The reality is that good men are everywhere and standing next to you every day. Good men come in all shapes and sizes. At the food counters, in an office building, at your local gym, in Meet Up groups, online dating websites or even in your own circle of friends. But here’s the thing… some men are just bad daters. Their online dating profiles are poorly written or worse they have lousy pictures up. They could be nervous asking a girl out for a date because they are a bit shy. Maybe they have been heartbroken before and are a little spooked about dating.

Here’s the thing, good men are everywhere and maybe they need a little help to approach YOU.

Can you share one way you get past a man being a bad dater, what’s your approach? In addition, if you were to tell a friend three ways to get past the belief that there are no good men out there or that all men are jerks, what would it be?

In the search for love, is it really true there are no good men out there?