To Lie Or Not To Lie, The Rub Of Online Dating

For some, listing their true age in their online dating profile is a conflict for fear of being overlooked.

Let’s face it, most everyone prefers honesty in everyday life. There’s a sincerity and straightforwardness in a persons conduct when they are honest and tell the truth. Even if the facts may hurt, most of us believe honesty is the best policy (unless a woman asks “does this dress make me look fat?”).

Can a lie benefit you when it comes to finding love?

One of the most common lies for those internet dating is their posted age.  Age is a tricky factor when it comes to dating for fear of being rejected if you’re perceived too old. Some men who are in their late 40’s or 50’s & 60’s feel more masculine dating younger women and some women in the same age brackets feel that many men their age or older are duds and lifeless.

If you’re a woman in your 50’s or 60’s you might not even be seen in the searches by someone your own age, if the average man seeks a woman 5, 10 or even 15 years younger. Then there are the men who lie about their age for the very same reason. From my observations, most under 40 list their true age and unless you’re seeking to start a family and in the baby making years, age doesn’t really matter.

So what’s the answer if you’re over 40 and might be overlooked, do you lie about your age just to be seen in searches?

Maybe YES, maybe NO.

But if you’re an honest person, would you feel out of integrity if you lied about your age? And if you do, and start a relationship, when will you tell the truth?  Or will you?

The reality is that online dating websites are merely a search tool for connecting with like minded single adults, and the goal is to get the date or make a new friend. If you were out in public and connected with someone organically, you wouldn’t know a persons age when you first meet anyway. You could be talking to an amazing human being out in public, begin dating and think them fantastic and age might never be a factor. If you’re going out on a job interview a potential employer isn’t allowed to ask your age because it’s discriminating, should online dating be any different?

So let me ask you, how do you feel about eliminating age from the profile questionnaire?

Love isn’t bound by age or is it?