In the past 50 years wouldn’t you say there’s been a shift in the dynamics of what a relationship looks like? In the old days, “man find woman” “man date woman” “man marry woman” “woman does what man says” (said like a caveman). So, what has changed in the past 50 years?

Do you know the answer?

No it’s not a secret.

Come a little closer to the screen.

The simple answer is this, women have choices.

Let me repeat that, WOMEN HAVE CHOICES.

The empowered woman of today who is confident, independent and career oriented can choose her man. Old days little or no choice, today choice. Choice is such a beautiful thing. Yet with so many choices, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. There are men who are serious about relationships. There are men just seeking sex. Then there are men with issues who sabotage their relationships.

So to give you a hand, I have identified a few of these types of men who have a ticking bomb behind their backs.

Let’s first start with the Complainer.

The complainer whines that all women are users, gold diggers or have tons of issues. He has a habit of choosing women who are not a fit, therefore he complains all the time. His favorite lament is that relationships don’t work and he creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. Imagine what happens when two complainers meet…. I shutter think.

Have you ever met the complainer?

How much fun is he…NOT!

Next is the Emotional Vampire.

This man can be needy. He can suck your life energy dry. He can be jealous & possessive. He doesn’t want to be alone.
He feels empty without you. He can be clingy or pouts when you go out with your friends. You feel suffocated and you can’t breath. You feel cornered. He’s like a wet blanket, you just want to get rid of him.

Do you know this type of co-dependent man?

I’m sure you have met a Emotional Vampire or two in your time, right?

Now let me ask, have you ever met the Perfectionist?

Mr. Perfect, actually this man doesn’t see himself as perfect, rather he’s looking for Ms. Perfect. This man thinks that maybe the next woman he meets might just be the one. He is looking for what I call the bigger better deal. Somehow the next woman will be better looking, better in bed, more fun and more confident. Most of the women he meets is about 75/80% of what he is looking for, but he wants 100%… he’s looking for Ms. Perfect. This man is fun to date for about 6 weeks, then he finds reasons to fault you and then POOF he’s gone. This man needs a slap upside the head and a dose of reality…. partnership is about appreciating & accepting of the whole package. When you meet 80% be grateful.

Now I have to ask, do you know this man?

Have you ever dated a perfectionist?

Let’s move on…

While there are a few more types of men who sabotage their relationship.

I am going to wrap up with the Serial Dater.

This speed dater sabotages the relationship right after the very first date. He loves the thrill of the first date. Actually, this man is looking to fall head over heels instantly. (I know this guy, because I was him for a while). He is looking for cupid to shoot him in the butt.

Now here is the deal with this man.

Listen closely, you don’t want to miss this.

He comes on so strong on the first date and he will try to sleep with you. Let me say that again, he will try to sleep with YOU! Here’s what happens when you say “yes” to first date sex. He wakes up in the morning and then realizes, no arrow in his butt.  Next thing you know, he’s out the door. No call, no text and no email the next day… POOF he’s gone.  The moral here, don’t sleep with a man on the first date.

Now let me ask you, have you ever dated any of these types of men?

Any chance you can be one of these types?

Let’s face, whether man or woman, nobody likes being in a relationship with someone who has a tendency to sabotage their relationships.  Actually, none of these men were really relationship ready.

Did you know there are certain types of “relationships” commitment ready men choose?

Can you name a few of  these types of relationships?