Single? Divorced? Widowed?

Are You Looking for Love, but Struggling to Find the Right Guy for You?

Sometimes don’t you wish you had a coach or mentor whisper in your ear just what you should say or do when the man you are dating or in a relationship with

  • Behaves poorly…
  • Sends confusing signals
  • Doesn’t call
  • Has sex with YOU and then disappears
  • Shuts down or shuts you out
  • Cheats on YOU
  • Avoids getting close or committing to YOU
  • Seems to being say “YES” but his actions say “NO”

Imagine having direct access to an internationally recognized Dating and Relationship Expert

Imagine a PRIVATE safe place, a cocoon to share your feelings with a HEART CENTERED Group

Imagine having direct access to “me” to ask personal relationship questions via live monthly open group call

Imagine joining in on tele classes with RICH content (such as: Dating Divorced Men, Players How to Spot em and Finding Love on Facebook)  to understanding men in relationships

Imagine joining in on a private Facebook group page to share in a safe place with heart centered women who welcome, embrace and inspire one another and share their deepest truths in community

Imagine having all of this for a fraction of the cost of private coaching sessions

Understand Men Now Membership Program called Angel Members provides valuable tools to help you understand men better if you are single, divorced or currently in relationship

Let’s face it, men can be very confusing, wouldn’t you agree?  Especially when it comes to men you are in relationship or you are just dating

If you could have access to a relationship coach sharing the male perspective without having to pay thousands of dollars on a monthly basis, what would that be worth?

The advantages to becoming an Angel Member are many

  • Private FACEBOOK Support Group Page
  • Monthly open forum group coaching call (Q&A)
  • Monthly workshops/ tele classes (Q&A)
  • Quarterly Interviews with GUEST Relationship EXPERTS
  • Monthly Newsletter with Helpful Understanding Men Tips
  • Discounts on Private Coaching Sessions
  • Plus much more…

ALL of this included in your Understand Men NOW Membership

When I first met Jonathon, I just finalized my divorce of 24 yrs. I was online dating at the time, confused & not making the best decisions. Once I began talking with Jonathon, he gave me great advice in trying to find a man. He is such a “real” person, very compassionate & knowledgeable. I joined one of his tele class & learned so much, it was fun, especially the Q & A section. Then decided to become one of his “Angels” because I knew it would be a great investment and I learned so much. Since then I began seeing a great guy using the lessons learned from Jonathon to make better choices. I recommend Jonathon to anyone who is looking for clarity when it comes to understanding men. It has worked for me, & I’m sure you would benefit from his coaching too~

Thank you Jonathon for all you do!

Become a Heavenly Angel Today and Enjoy All These Benefits

  • 25 Minute Private Coaching Call ($95.00 Value) – Your chance to discuss all your dating questions and concerns
  • Monthly Teleclass w/ Q & A ($100.00 value) – replays available for continued insight into the dating world
  • Monthly Open Group Coaching Call ($100.00 value) – Get answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask in this once-a-month group call
  • Relationship Expert Interviews – up to four interviews per year with recognized experts in dating, mating, and life
  • “Online Dating Secrets Revealed” ($9.97 value) – for help navigating the tricky world of online dating
  • “Conversations with Jonathon” ($24.97 value) – nearly five hours of audio recordings to give you added insight into the minds and hearts of men
  • Private Facebook Support Group (Heart Centered Community) – enjoy the love and support of a community of women just like you
  • Members’ Only Discounts – enjoy exclusive discounts on all future private coaching sessions
  • “Understanding Men in Relationships” – a private newsletter designed to help you better understand men, how they think, and why they act as they do

Heavenly Angel First Month $97 ($19.99 a month thereafter)



Your Monthly subscription includes invitations to one topic driven tele class (with audio playback), invitation to join in on a open group coaching call with Q & A and my famous Facebook Private Group Page. If you love being an Angel do nothing and you’ll be automatically billed just $19.99 If you aren’t convinced for any reason that this is a valuable membership subscription, simply let me know and you won’t receive any more invitations, simply cancel in writing 7 days prior to your renewal.

We will do everything in our power to provide you the best possible service, but we do not offer refunds for any reason. We will, however, immediately cancel your recurring membership upon request so that no further charges will be incurred. Please do so in writing 72 hours prior to your next billing cycle contact me by clicking here.