An in-depth, 5-week, one-on-one coaching program to help you attract love, understand men and have incredibly satisfying relationships.  
What If Instead of Wasting Months or Years in Go-Nowhere Relationships, You Could Find the Right Man Quickly With the Help of Experienced Guide and Mentor?

Have you ever wished you had someone supportive and intuitive in your corner when it comes navigating the confusing world of dating?

Look no further, because I’m here to help! I’m like your big brother—a protector of your heart and a supportive mentor who wants to protect you from the wrong guy and help you find the man you’ll make a life with as soon as possible.

My name is Jonathon Aslay, and as an experienced and successful dating coach, I absolutely love helping single women go from jaded, disappointed and hopeless to being the self-assured, irresistible catches that QUALITY men are looking for.

It makes my day when a client I’ve coached tells me that they’re once again feeling enthusiastic and passionate about life and they’re ready to finally meet the ONE. I’m even more ecstatic when that client finds and falls in love with a great man she never even imagined she’d attract.

When my clients come to me for guidance, they go on a journey of the heart. They go from being frustrated and demoralized to feeling on top of the world and giddy!

Perhaps you, too, have been going around and around with dating and relationships and you still haven’t found the one special man you know you’re meant to fall in love with. You’ve tried (and failed) with online dating.

Are You Ready to Give Up On Love?

Do you agree with any of the following statements?
Most of the men you meet don’t have integrity. They say one thing and do another. They make premature promises they don’t intend on keeping. They come on strong at first and then “ghost” you.

Maybe you’ve been set up on dates by friends, have joined various clubs and MeetUps, overhauled your “style” or have joined a gym—all in the hopes of putting yourself in a “target-rich” environment to meet an intelligent, considerate guy with whom you could have a special connection.

And yet—you’re STILL single.

You’re not meeting the kind of men who are your type, or when you do, they are out of reach, emotionally.
You may be wondering to yourself, is it you? Is it something you’re not doing? Is it some blind spot about yourself you’re not seeing?

Perhaps, like many women who have been single too long, you’re feeling some combination of the following:

  • You’re impatient to meet someone you are attracted to physically and emotionally

  • You’re not sure what kind of man you want, you just know what you DON’T want (and seem to find plenty of that)

  • You’re burned out and starting to not want to put in the effort it takes

  •  You lack confidence about your attractiveness to men, physical or emotional/intellectual

But most of all, you’re starting to wonder if there are any good men even out there.

Are they ALL rejects from bad relationships?

Perpetual players or commitment-phobic bachelors?

Saddled with a lot of past baggage and therefore, UN-date-able?

You’re starting to lose hope that you’ll ever find the RIGHT GUY, experience that special connection and have him fall head over heels in love with you.

You’ve exhausted your internal resources. You’re ready to seek expert help and give it over to someone who can show you the way.

This is where I can help.

I can help you get crystal clear about the kind of man who will make you happy AND show you how to be that irresistible catch he can’t help but fall crazy in love with. 

Most of us aren’t taught how to “do” relationship. Our parents don’t sit us down and tell us HOW to find the right partner. Most women in mid-life today grew up on Disney movies and chick flicks, where they learned that their prince will come along and sweep them off their feet when they least expect it.

No wonder they’re still feeling like maidens in waiting!

Fortunately, you can now take a different approach to love and relationships, and empower yourself instead of sabotaging yourself with fantasies and misunderstandings.

“Shortcut to Mr. Right” is my premier one-on-one private coaching program. It’s 5 weeks of intensive learning, coaching and guidance, including self-reflection exercises and accountability. You’ll come away with a sense of mastery over what kind of man will make you happy AND where to meet that man and how to be irresistible to him from the moment you say “hello.”

This is what I’ll help you discover over the course of this program with me:

Week 1: Preparing for Love and Relationship Assessment.
You will begin with an in-depth evaluation of your past relationships, so you can start to recognize patterns and shift the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing confidence and success with men

Week 2: My Perfect Guy and the Wonderful Weird Me. 
Get crystal clear about what kind of man you want to fall in love with and learn to embrace the unique, wonderful qualities that make YOU a catch, so you can relax and date with confidence

Week 3: Invoking Your Soul Mate, the Love Mantra Exercise, and the 5Cs, the Building Blocks for a Successful Relationship. 
You’ll discover how to utilize the Law of Attraction in order to manifest your highest vision for love. You’ll also learn the 5 keys to a successful relationship.

Week 4: Action Plan for Making Your Mantra a Reality. 
You’ll take what you’ve learned in weeks 1-3 into action. I’ll help you gain accountability and get you “out there” by helping you identify the practical obstacles preventing you from meeting single men and then helping you create a plan to overcome them.

Week 5: Improve Your GPS (Guy Picking System).

This is my most in-depth guide to helping you identify whether the man you meet is the RIGHT man. How do you know he can go the distance in love? What are the red flags to look for? What questions should you ask him to get to know the important things about his character? You’ll receive a 70+ page workbook that will guide you, step-by-step, in picking Mr. Right.
Jonathon Aslay is like the big brother you
SHOULD have had

"He REALLY wants everyone to be romantically happy, and to find TRUE love. His practical, personal experience of finding, losing, and then REALLY finding true love, combined with his years of coaching hundreds of women and then hearing from thousands more through his amazing social networking communities, has given him a wealth of wisdom and insight to share with ANY woman wanting to understand men, and chart her own romantic course successfully. He’s the real deal… who can help you get and KEEP the real thing."

  ~  Carol Allen,
What’s the Process and How Do I Start?
First Step:  Fill out a questionnaire, which will help me determine whether we will be a good fit together. Not everyone is “coach-able”. I need to know that you’ll put in the effort and time and you’ll follow through on what it is you want to create in life.

Second Step:  You and I will schedule a one-on-one phone call with me, during which I’ll ask you more specific questions and learn more about your dating and relationship challenges and goals.

Third Step:  Each week thereafter, I’ll email you written workbooks to fill out and then you and I will schedule a private call where we’ll go over these special assignments and self-reflection questions.

You’ll learn how to peel the onion of your love life. I’ll help you uncover your limiting beliefs and discover how your past is affecting your present.

You’ll gain clarity about the kind of man you want to attract and the kind you want to avoid at all costs.

I’ll help you develop a Love Mantra, which will magnetize your right man to you. You’ll discover what makes YOU a prize, so you’ll gain confidence and poise with the kind of man you’ve never even DREAMED of attracting.

And finally, you’ll improve your GPS – Guy Picking System, through a process that will allow you to distinguish the flakes from the heroes.

Last step—success! You’ll gain motivation, self-esteem and “insider” secrets about men, so you can meet, attract and fall in love with the man you can spend forever with.
A Very Special Thank You to Jonathon

After 5 years together Kyle & I are getting married Nov. 7th, 2015. We are so excited! We have a wonderful relationship & it all happened because of Jonathon. I was newly divorced & not making the best decisions on dating. I met Jonathon & became a member [of the Spotlight Coaching Group] and he coached me through a difficult time in my life & got me on the right track. I listened to him and put the tools that he taught me to work. I met Kyle 5 years ago and it has been wonderful. I never thought Love could be this good!

  ~ Cathy Villani
Who Is This “Shortcut to Mr. Right 5-Week, One-on-One Coaching” For?
 This is a one-on-one coaching program for single women, especially those in mid-life, who are frustrated with the quality of their love life and want to meet, attract and ultimately be in partnership with the man of their dreams.

If you’ve been ghosted, rejected, misled by men and you’re ready to give up on dating, this is a program for you.

If you don’t know where to find QUALITY men, or you find that quality men aren’t interested in YOU, this program is for you.

If you lack confidence with dating, or have started to get jaded about the idea of “true love” this program is for you.

If you just need help and accountability to get yourself “out there” and meet more single men, this program is definitely for you
If it weren’t for Jonathon, I would not be engaged to the exactly right guy for me – the man I’ve been seeking my whole life

"First there was my issue with dating. I can’t stand dating. Not just online dating but dating period. Ugh. I had lots of good “reasons” – busy with my kids, busy with my business and it’s just such a time consuming road to no where – or at least that is how I felt. Jonathon supported me to get outside of my comfort zone and to stay in the process even if it wasn’t always fun. Then, when I did meet Mr. Right he was nothing like the version I had in my head. NOTHING! “This cannot be it.” I would say to Jonathon who would listen patiently then help me see all the ways it was in fact “it.” My heart knew but my head kept trying to run. Without Jonathon’s coaching, I’d still be in dating-hell or resigned to being single rather than planning my wedding to an amazing guy, who IS everything I wanted – and then some."

  ~  Mary M.
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