What A Man Sees When He’s In Love

When a man is in love…

When a man’s in love, he doesn’t see the wrinkles on your face or the smudged make-up around your eyes. He’s doesn’t see your hair a mess after a night of sleep or it’s time to get a manicure. He doesn’t see the new zit on your cheek or that your bloated (from that time of the month).

He doesn’t see all the things you worry about… what he sees is his “beloved.” He has a snapshot of you and it’s perfect no matter how you look.

Even on those days you got little sleep and you’re grumpy or even when you’ve had a bad day at work and just want to scream… he just has love in his eyes.

Even when you’re at your worst, all he sees is your BEST.

When a man’s in love, he sees through his heart.