Online Dating, It’s Just One Spoke In The Wheel

There are those who love it, hate it, or are just indifferent when it comes to online dating.

For those who use online dating and seem to love it, they tend to meet nice people, make new friends, have encouraging dates and fall in love. Their attitude regarding the experience and effort behind this approach is very positive. They enjoy the ease and freedom of letting their fingers do the walking, plus they have been rewarded. Maybe it’s because their disposition comes from abundance.

Then there are those who hate it. They may never try it because of a previous bias, or they have tried it and will never go back to this medium of meeting eligible singles. Maybe they’ve heard bad things, or their experience includes a string of bad dates, scam artists trying to take their money or just no responses to their online profile. Their attitude is one of disgust or disdain for using the internet to meet a potential life partner.

Last but not least, there are those who really just don’t care one way or another for internet dating. They might be saying, “Why do I have to do this” or “I’m too good for this.” Either way, their effort and approach is very lackluster or mediocre. Occasionally these folks get lucky, much like winning the mega lottery. They try with an attitude of “what the heck” and “if it happens it happens.”

So to those who hate it or just don’t care about online dating if meeting organically is working for you, great… I’m happy for you.

But I got to thinking about those singles who are struggling to meet a potential romantic partner, who complain about dating in general and don’t see internet dating as a possible spoke in the wheel of meeting and falling in love. If they are frustrated with cyber dating, will their chances be any better out in the real world?

A good attitude is important because it reflects how you feel about who you are and the life you’ve created. It is more than a ‘dating’ issue, it is a lifestyle choice. When I break this ‘barrier’ with clients, I know they’ve entered the home stretch!!!

How much does attitude play into the success or failure rate of meeting ‘the one’ whether it’s online dating or in real life?

When it comes to dating, which is your preferred spoke in the wheel?