With all the hype surrounded around men, chivalry and what it means for a man to be a gentleman, I think it’s only fair to also explore women and chivalry, and what it means for a woman to be a lady. If a gentleman is expected to open doors, walk on the inside of the curb, pull out chairs and pay for dinners, then what should be expected of a lady in exchange?

When a man first approaches a woman, it’s true that most men are only after one thing. But if you want something different, like an exclusive commitment, then it is your job as the woman to set the standards for that new relationship from the very beginning. You see, there are two types of women the men go after – keepers and playthings – and the way you respond to a man’s advances is what sets you apart in the eyes of a relationship ready man. So if you think chivalry is dead, think again because you just might not be doing your part as a lady.

If you’re looking for a relationship ready man who is a keeper, then you need to be a keeper yourself. Here are a few things to consider if your want to separate yourself as a lady from all the playthings.

A lady is a woman of virtue.
A woman who knows what she wants and how she wants to be treated is incredibly attractive. A lady is the type of woman who knows how to be sexy without showing too much skin, and can hold her own in almost any situation she finds herself in. She is honest and upfront with the men she chooses to date, and she sets clear boundaries if a man is the relationship ready man she is looking for. Most importantly, she’s not afraid to let a man walk away if he can’t give her want she wants.

A lady commands respect and carries herself as such.
Everything you do or say can and will be held against you in the court of love. While most men really are after one thing, that’s only initially, because every now and then, when we discover that rare woman of virtue, she not only has our attention but our respect as well. She alone dictates how a relationship ready man is to treat her and how their relationship will progress on her terms.

A lady allows a man to be a man.
Men are very ego-driven. We may get into bar fights because of our egos, but we also fall in love because of our egos. We know we’re not perfect, but having the support of a woman who appreciates us anyways and values us as the man we have become really helps validate us as men. A real lady doesn’t insult her man when he messes up or does something wrong. Instead, she reinforces to him how strong he is, how smart he is or how competent he is at the things he does do right.

If you want a gentleman, then you need to be the lady a gentleman rightfully deserves because relationship ready men are essentially gentleman in search of their fair lady.