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 How to Meet and Keep ‘The One’:
Is He Really Worthy of Your Mind, Body and Heart?

Let’s face it, a man’s attitude toward love, sex and commitment can be very different than a woman’s. It’s hard enough to figure out if he wants the same thing you want. But the real challenge most women face in relationships is meeting the wrong kind of man over and over, or staying too long with a man who will never make them happy.

How can you be sure that the next guy you get excited about is the right guy, and not just another dead end disguised as “chemistry”, ultimately leading you down the wrong path again?

In this audio recording, Jonathon reveals:

  • The six types of men you might be dating or in a relationship with – and which one is ready for commitment.
  • The seven types of relationships men DO commit to…and WHY.
  • What you need to know when dating a divorced man…when is he really ready for a relationship? How can you tell?
  • How to understand man-speak…we’re not as complicated as you think.
  • How men view sex, love, and relationships.

Of course, building a relationship that lasts takes more than simply understanding how to meet the man of your dreams, so I’m including an entire series of audios to help you understand every aspect of dating and relationships – from the man’s point of view – so you can be in the best position when it comes to finding those fairytale relationships that last a lifetime. You’ll also receive…

Preparing for Mr. Right: The Only Way to Find Out if You are Truly Ready for a Relationship is to Find Out Who You Really are and What You Really Want


You probably think you know exactly what you want in a relationship and what you have to offer. You may be able to list dozens of qualities your potential mate should have, like…

  • a good sense of humor…
  • a caring personality…
  • a love of animals and children…
  • a solid career…
As great as that sounds when shared with friends over a glass of wine, it’s really just touching the surface. The fact is, there is much more to attracting a mate than just a handful of cliches.
Like building a house, building a strong, lasting relationship requires a solid foundation, and when it comes to love, that foundation begins with YOU. And that’s what Preparing for Love is all about.

Are You Truly Prepared for Mr. Right to Come into Your Life?

You ARE worthy of love and respect. Let me help you find the man who will see you for the kind, caring, deserving woman you truly are.
  • Let go of the past (and Mr. Wrong) so you can hang on to the present – men LOVE a confident woman with an eye toward the future.
  • Envision yourself in your ideal relationship with your ideal partner – learn this one skill and you’ll be on your way to finding and attracting the perfect mate.
  • Discover the reasons why you really want to be in a relationship – the answers might just surprise you!
  • Evaluate the positive qualities you bring into a relationship – so you can show him exactly what he’s missing.
  • Realize what bad habits of his may be causing problems in your relationships – and how to reduce or even eliminate them.
  • Determine your core relationship needs with confidence – how can others know what you want and need if you don’t?
  • Uncover the hidden truths of your heart and deepest desires – so you can find the man who is not only willing and able to grant them, but whose own desires exactly match yours.

That’s more than 5 hours of audio recordings designed to help you find, meet, and – most importantly – keep the man of your dreams.

This isn’t just theory or speculation – this is inside information from a man’s point of view, so you know it works. After all, who better to tell the story of dating, mating, and relating from the man’s side than a man who has been there?

Don’t wait – download your copy of “How to Meet and Keep ‘The One'” today, for just $147

Special Bonus #1 ($47.00 Value):

We Need to Talk – Learn how to bring up touchy subjects and communicate calmly with ease, no matter how difficult the issue or how much resistance you’ve experienced already.

If there’s an issue that’s getting in the way of you feeling good about your relationship, and you know that if only you could bring it up the right way to your man, you could work toward solving the problem and getting your love back on track, then this audio course is for you. Features special guest Dr. Sheri Meyers.

Special Bonus #2 ($47.00 Value):exclusivity-talk

When and How to Have the Exclusivity Talk – Jonathon and special guest Dr. Sheri Meyers, author of “Chatting or Cheating,” discuss the right way to bring up this sensitive subject.

If you’ve ever struggled to bring up the subject of dating exclusively, you won’t want to miss this audio.

Special Bonus #3 ($97.00 value):

“Is He the Right Man for You?” With Carol Allen

Ever since the dawn of time, people have been relying on vedic astrology to help them navigate the uncertain waters of love. With astrology, you can uncover a tremendous amount about your relationship today, how it’ll be tomorrow, and why it makes you or your partner act the way you do. It can help you reveal whether you and your partner have an innate ability to understand each other and to meet each other’s needs, or if no matter what you do you’ll just feel frustrated. Learn about an ancient, little-known way to know if your man is the Right Man, and what the future holds for your union just by knowing his birth information.

In this session, Carol will reveal:

  • How to know if you are really compatible with a man: body, mind and soul
  • Whether your passion will last a lifetime or will fizzle before you’re ready
  • How to finally know if that one special guy in your past that you still think about was really your soulmate or not
  • If you’re dating more than one guy, an easy way to see which one is most compatible with you for the long-term
  • If you’re in a relationship, how to intensify the affection and attraction between you and your man, by knowing what pushes his secret “love buttons”
  • PLUS – 30 minutes of  Q & A with Carol

Special Bonus #4 ($97.00 value):

“Energetics” with Larry Michel

How someone perceives themselves to be, what they like for entertainment, their preferences in music or favorite food can have real value. However valuable those facts may be, they are the frosting. First you need the cake. The cake is the long-term life style traits that support your emotional well being and which must survive the attraction phase of a relationship for the frosting to have value.

So how can you know if you have the kind of compatibility that will survive that initial first blush of attraction,, and what can you do if you know you are in a relationship where you’re always bickering and angry?

In this session, Larry will reveal:

  • How comparing 4 primary traits with your man’s can completely transform the way you connect with each other…by eliminating resentment and frustration over things like money, sex, and emotional intimacy.
  • Exactly why so many women keep being attracted to men they can’t get along with or who have no long-term potential…once you hear this, it will be the “aha” moment that will change your love life forever
  • The #1 reason you keep going back to a man who you love and are deeply attracted to…even though it never works out of feels quite right…and how to BREAK the cycle once and for all
  • Why the level of chemistry and attraction you feel for a guy the first time you meet is not an indication of whether or not it’s the right guy for you…learn what to look for instead
  • PLUS – 30 minutes of  Q & A with Larry

Special Bonus #5 ($97.00 value):

“How To Know If He’s The “Real Deal” Or Just A Loser Who Will Break Your Heart …” with Cherry Norris

If you are a Smart, Savvy, Single Woman who wants to have a Wildly Romantic Relationship that leads to marriage …

And you want to attract a quality man yet you keep attracting the wrong men …

If the men you think are perfect don’t want you …

Then you should know … you can STOP wasting time with men who aren’t interested, available and aren’t right for you!

You can START meeting your quality man who cherishes and adores you. You can have great chemistry, great communication and a great lifestyle with a man who’s perfect for you.

In this session, Cherry will reveal:

  • How to Attract a Quality Man and know for sure if he’s the Real Deal!
  • 3 Tests to know if he’s worth keeping or not
  • 4 Sure-Fire Signs to Know if He’s a Loser who will break your heart
  • The BIGGEST reason he starts out into you, then drifts away
  • A simple strategy to manage your fear, desire and vulnerability when you like him and don’t want to push him away
  • How to STOP Wasting Time with the wrong men
  • How to know if he’s the Right Man for You!
  • PLUS – 30 minutes of Q & A with Cherry

These Simple, Proven Strategies will help you have the quality man you desire and save you tons of heartbreak and wasted tears on men who are wrong for you.  

Special Bonus #6 ($27.00 value):

“Dating Divorced Men: Is He Your Knight or Your Nightmare?”

In this two-part audio course, I explain the good and the bad—to help you decide what you’re willing to accept and what’s a deal-breaker.
How long has he been divorced? In my years as a heart-centered relationship coach, I’ve developed specific guidelines so you’ll know whether a man hasn’t been divorced long enough to heal, or whether he’s relationship-ready. This is especially important if his ex is a drama queen, or both of them are still very involved in each other’s life.

Do you need to be the center of his world? When you’re dating a divorced man, there may be children involved (his, but maybe even yours). You may only be able to see him when he doesn’t have the kids at his place. He may want to spend holidays with his ex-wife so his children can still have a sense of family tradition. Can you handle that or will you feel like you’re second best? In this workshop, we’ll talk about when you’re being realistic versus when you’re settling.

Is his money going to his ex-honey? Face it, many men are paying alimony and child support. Does he have the finances to court you the way you expect Or are you willing to split the cost of dating?

…and much more!

Special Bonus #7 ($27.00 value):

What You Need to Know about Long-Distance Relationships

Long distance romances can work; they just need a little extra effort and some planning.

What many people don’t realize is there are many benefits to being in a long distance romance.

When you understand how fortunate you are to have someone at the other end, willing to go the distance, you won’t waste another minute pining away for your lover.

The truth is, long distance relationships, like all relationships, come in many shapes and sizes.

There are challenges to maintaining a long distance relationship to the satisfaction of both partners.

All together, “How to Meet and Keep ‘The One'” includes more than 12 hours of valuable insight into the minds and hearts of men, including $439 in bonus recordings, and you can download the entire package today for just $147. Just click the “order now” button to gain a greater understanding of men, how they think, how they love, and how you can meet him and keep him.

How to Meet and Keep “The One” and all other Understand Men Now products are delivered as digital downloads. No printed material or CD/DVD recordings will be mailed to you.

Hello, We are Cathy & Kyle, & would like to share our success story with you…

kyle-and-cathyI (Cathy) went through a divorce, after being married for 24 years, became an empty nester when my 2 sons went off to college together, & I was all alone. It was an overwhelming change for me to deal with. Some of my friends suggested that I should go on a online dating service where you can meet men. Being out of the dating world for a very long time, that was a little scary for me. But after a week or so, I decided to check it out & I signed up. Having no clue what I was doing, I made some “not so good choices” when I started dating these men that I met on the site. Until…

I met Jonathon Aslay, a relationship confidant & coach that helps women over 40-find love & to Understand Men from a male perspective. He also teaches you about online dating, what to do & what not to do…. after talking with Jonathon, I knew I was doing a lot of things wrong. Jonathon is a Real Person, he becomes a friend & someone that is concerned about you, & wants to help you! It wasn’t all roses…believe me, he told me straight out…”you are blowing it girl, if you think you will ever find love the way you are going, it won’t happen”…. So I listened, read books he suggested, joined in his tele-calls, had some coaching calls & learned from his knowledge. At that point I decided to join his “Angel Membership” group. The Best investment I ever made!! The women in the group were so welcoming, non-judgmental, & like true friends from all around the country…

I am still involved & a member of Jonathon’s “Angel Group”. I love our private Facebook page, (that only members can see & communicate with each other, on). I love sharing my stories with everyone & reading theirs as well. Getting & giving advise when you can also. I am still learning about Understanding Men & relationships from Jonathon. Because in everyday life, there are always trials to deal with, always room for improvement & growth.

And now here I am, in a wonderful, committed relationship with an amazing man that I love very much, and that loves me in return. We have been together for 3 year now. We enjoy our time together, learning about one another, growing in a positive direction towards a lifetime of happiness.

LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS are a beautiful thing…. especially when you have the proper tools & training in finding love, keeping that love & building that love into a wonderful, committed relationship that lasts a lifetime. That is why I strongly suggest that you visit his website… and consider becoming a member.

If it wasn’t for Jonathon we wouldn’t be in this beautiful, loving, committed relationship that we have!! Thank you Jonathon for all you do….

Cathy & Kyle

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