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Jonathon has helped me look at my relationship deeply. More importantly, he has helped me understand myself.

I have always looked at the free advice on line by love coaches. However, so glad I found Jonathon Aslay his one on one coaching far exceeded my expectations. He was able to hone in on stuff I didn’t see or I did not want to see.

His price is so fair. Invest in your joy. Get to know yourself first and then you can have a healthy relationship with someone.
You might go thinking it’s all about “him”, you will find out it’s all about you. And, in doing that, you can then think of how to interact or deal
with him.

Jonathon is not only insightful and professional, he is such a decent human being.

Just be good to yourself and do that by investing in Jonathon’s personal coaching.

Theresa L., May 2016
Before I met Jonathon I was very confused with the online dating world and men in general, holding on too tight to my hopes of finding that one guy. After working with Jonathon, I quickly learned how to stay passionately detached and take online dating more in stride, feeling less attached to the outcome! A sample of how Jonathon helped me to understand the actions of one guy who texted every day, before we even met, and then after a nice lunch he just disappeared. Jonathon’s reaction was so amazing and helped me to understand men, just that little bit more! – “He’s just not ready, doesn’t know what he wants and he expected something magical would set him on fire”. I feel better about my dating future as I now understand more about men–How they think, why they do the things that they do, not taking everything personally, and finding men who are more in line with what I am looking for! Jonathon also gave me to words and confidence to say the following to a man who had let me down…”I am looking for a man whose actions match their words, and who will show me respect”. What powerful feeling! Thanks Jonathon for all your help on my journey!
Shirley P., May 2015
I have been a member of Jonathon Aslay’s Private Group, called “Angels,” for over two years now. As a divorced woman over 40 who has recently gotten back into the dating scene, it’s been incredibly valuable having quick and easy access to Jonathon’s wisdom through his own posts and through exchanges with other “Angels.” I really enjoy Jonathon’s program, which includes regular “Spotlight Coaching” calls on various relationship topics. These calls, which often feature expert guests and informative Q&A sessions, are fantastic. Whether single or in a relationship, I consider these calls equally helpful. In fact, Jonathon’s advice (through Spotlight Coaching, the “Angels” forum, and one-on-one coaching) has allowed me to navigate a 23-month relationship with relative ease. I find that all of these tools help keep me on my toes so I can appreciate the journey and not just focus on the destination. It feels wonderful being in a loving relationship with a good man who adores me, appreciates me, and aspires to partnership. Jonathon, thank you for reminding me how important it is to live life in a passionately detached manner!
Annette N. February, 2015
Before I met Jonathon, I was dating as though walking through a fog. I had no idea what I was doing, and unknowingly was carrying a lot of limiting beliefs and past hurts with me on dates. I would try to take charge with a man, didn’t know how to embrace my feminine energies, didn’t know how to appreciate a man for his inherent gifts, or how to give him the attention he craves that will allow him to open to me. I had followed Jonathon’s blog for several months before attending a workshop on a timely topic, which blew my mind with fabulous information. Jonathon’s honest, caring, direct feedback from a man’s perspective was a perfect fit for me and I knew I had to join his Spotlight Coaching group! I had found my home where I could have access to Jonathon’s coaching, workshops, and the support of a great group of women. In just a few months, I was seeing dating from a whole new perspective and felt much more comfortable and confident in my experiences. It was then that I knew I was ready to take the next step by going through the Love Mantra work with Jonathon. Here I was finally able to nail down what I truly want in a relationship, shedding any things I thought I wanted (my List!) for the things that really matter in the long run. Now I have my Love Mantra to keep me grounded every step of the dating experience, and know that if I feel the way I laid out in the mantra I am getting exactly what I wanted, regardless of the man’s physical characteristics, income, or any other non-essential qualities. I feel more confident in dating, open to possibilities, and have seen very positive impacts through my dating experiences. I know this would not have happened without Jonathon’s help and I just love him for all he stands for and does for his clients!!
Michelle Anderson, October 2013
Dear Jonathan,

I ordered Manspeak 101. I enjoy listening to your advice and reading your periodic tips.

I’m writing to thank you because listening to It’s All About Him was a “eureka!!!” moment for me. I’ve been in a casual dating relationship with this guy for awhile. My best friend and my sister pegged him immediately; I thought I was the problem! But, despite their advice and my own research and reading more about narcissistic personality disorder, I still didn’t quite get it until I listened to your very real life examples of what this means in terms of identifying his behavioral patterns AND just as importantly how that behavior impacts me. Wow. That tying his behavior to my emotional reaction was a significant part of your presentation. I feel so much better about myself and my ability to deal with this situation and begin to make it more about me!

This is the first time I have ever written to a dating/relationship coach—and I tend to be rather reticent about sharing things like this with any but the closest of friends, all of which is meant to underscore for you what a HUGE moment it was for me to listen to All about Him.

So, thank you.

Tia, December 2014
When I first talked to Jonathon I was out of a bad relationship and was broken hearted. I felt like my love life was over, and I would be single forever. I did not want to do online dating and was not comfortable talking to strangers and going to single events. My life was “home – work – friends”. Jonathon inspired me to look for love again and to believe that there is someone out there for me. He worked with me on figuring out what I was looking for and the ways to achieve that. He was truly that big brother that I never had and a male friend that every woman needs to talk to. He told me secrets about guys and what they want in relationship. I was excited to go on dates and talk to Jonathon about my experiences. Then I met my future fiancé and I was ready. I was back to my normal self: happy, fun, outgoing, adventurous, loving, caring and smart woman I always was. I met the man of my dreams when I never thought I would. He wants to marry me and he confessed that he never thought he’d get married again. I am happy and I still read Jonathon’s blog and his emails: I want to keep growing as a person and be the best partner as I can be.
Elina, September 2013
I admit, when it comes to dating advice for women, Understand Men Now is a refreshing and much-needed advice column. Most of the Midlife dating advice for women comes from other women, which doesn’t make sense if the goal is to get a great man. It’s fantastic that you are taking a step forward to help more women figure out men, connect with them, and find love.

Duana C. Welch, Ph.D., November 2014
Hi Jonathon, I wanted to reach out to say I love your work and how you share who you are through this, it is very meaningful.

I, had the courage six months ago to leave my fiancé who is a wonderful man and everyone said I was crazy, but now I am beginning to heal and words like yours keep me believing in an intimate love.
Thank you

Susan, October 2014
I love your work, Jonathon, and I appreciate when you get personal and vulnerable. That takes a lot of courage. Thank you for being our “spy”! I think men are wonderful but they sure can be confusing sometimes! Thanks so much!!
Annette, November 2013
I get a LOT of stuff from dating sites, love relationship coaches, blah blah blah. Yours is the one email I read regularly because quite frankly it’s from you, a dude, who gives me a straight talking dude’s opinion. Way to go.

Jen, November 2013
Hey Jonathan,
Just wanted to give you some positive feedback. I’ve been having a tough time communicating with my significant other. And after only reading and listening to your advice for one day I was able to get through to him without being overly emotional and respecting his feelings. His response was so different and he actually took it further and started opening up about other things. It felt really good to be able to finally speak his language. Thanks so much. I look forward to learning more. All the best, M.
Jonathon thank you so so much for your guidance, I can’t remember a single time in my life I have been so happy and in love. I feel so free and open to everything that life is bringing. Every time that Dom and I hit a road bump, he just gets better and better and is such a rock – and that in turn allows me to relax and just love him. I couldn’t be here without your help and the support of the angels. You have created such a solid and loving group. Thank you.
Emma Hoy, November 2013
I LOVE your posts. I have changed so much about how I view dating. It’s helping me reconnect with someone that I unknowingly was pushing away because I saw things differently. I now understand his thought process more and I’m earning his respect and trust. He may not be the one but I have learned to LET men date me..not force them to date me. You are wonderful! No telling how many women and men you are helping along the way. If we lived closer I’d share some wine with you and your lovely and really dig up some good things to share! Have a great day my friend
Shelly Adams, March 2014
Some wonderful news….I’m engaged! I’ll share all the particulars later, but I wanted to thank Jonathon for all of his support and encouragement through this whole process. Randy and I met on eharmony and after a slow start with all the questions, getting to know each other and life (lol) once we met, we knew it was a match!
Bev P., April 2014
I am overwhelmed by the amount of love I received from my man. Thanks to you and your tips. Following them opened my eyes on a whole new world. Definitely, we know each other now more than ever and I’m dealing with him in the best possible way which led to great results. I wish you all the best.
Anonymous, April 2014
I’ve been reading your newsletters for a while now and I’ve learned so much from you. I’m subscribed with other coaches too, but you’re the only one who I can actually always relate to what you’re saying and your words and advise go straight to my heart and brain.
Nadine, April 2014
We had the best conversation so far about our most challenging goals! It happened this morning and he brought it up with love, clarity, and communicated his commitment to action. We also are working together on correcting some health issues. I have to say that focusing on what I love about men has given me such appreciation for him and I have to thank the Spotlight coaching group and Jonathon Aslay for helping me to make this simple but profound shift!
Gayla, May 2014
Jonathon…Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear instead of what I wanted to hear….. even if it was hard and you had to hear me cry. The tears are cleansing, and you understand that. It hurts right now, but you can see that the pain brings greater happiness down the road. The choices you gave me brought comfort in every direction, and you left it up to me, but the right road was made clear, and you also made sure it was more shiny than the other ones. You have a gift…. thank you for sharing it with me. I hope your gift works for yourself too….
Taylor, June 2014
The info you’ve presented has provided some fantastic insight and I just want to let you know that your calls have made a HUGE impact on me and my journey in self-love and healing.
Randi, April 2015
I am subscribed to your email and also I watch every single video of you. You have made a huge difference in my life, I really appreciate you.
Bahar, April 2015
I have found my true love. Thank you for your tips.
Janet, February 2015