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30 Day Coaching Program, The Relationship Roadmap

If you were planning to drive across country to visit a city 3,000 miles away, would you just get in your car and go—hoping somehow you’d reach your destination? Wouldn’t it be smarter to chart out the best route on a map? Set your car’s GPS to precisely where your journey should end? Perhaps talk with trusted friends who’ve already traveled there successfully and can suggest routes, hotels, restaurants to visit and those to avoid?

If something as simple as a vacation requires a lot of planning, discussion and, ultimately, a roadmap to ensure a successful outcome, they why aren’t you using that approach for one of your greatest goals: your ideal relationship.

Just like a travel agent, GPS system or online mapping software can make your trip easier, more successful and fun, there are skills you need to put you on the direct route to your best relationship.

Fortunately, your guide is ready. Jonathon Aslay’s 30 Day Coaching Program, The Relationship Roadmap, is a 4 week course with written exercises and phone consultations to help you look deep down inside yourself and discover what you want in man and in a relationship. Jonathon’s Heart-Centered Radical Honesty provides you with laser-like insights and feedback to help you attract and achieve the genuinely best relationship.

During your Relationship Roadmap coaching, Jonathon will help you uncover 7 key areas for creating the relationship you desire—and putting you on the path to finding love:

Mindset – Are you really ready to date and find love? How is your self-esteem? Are you still carrying baggage from previous relationships? Are you staying in your “male alpha energy” all the time, or do you know how to move into your open, flirtatious female side? Jonathon’s coaching uses Heart-Centered Radical Honesty to give you the feedback you need, to know what’s blocking you and what’s helping you regarding being ready for love, what subtle messages you are sending out with the way you talk with a man, and how your state-of-mind and body language affects your chances of connecting with the right guy.

Expectations – This can also be our deal breakers. Do you have pre-conceived ideas about your “type” of guy, what he should do for you, what your role is? Have you defined whether you are looking for dating, long-term relationship or marriage? Are your expectations realistic given your current situation? Jonathon will coach you through which expectations and deal breakers are realistic, or at the other  end of the spectrum, how you may need to raise your expectations or deal breakers to get the love you deserve. And if you’re conflicted about whether you’re ready for a long-term relationship/marriage or just want to put your toes back into the dating pool, Jonathon will help you sort out what you really want from what you’re telling yourself or others you want.

• Lifestyle – Do you always say “There are no decent single men out there” but then you fill up your schedule with work, family commitments (especially if you have children), volunteering, time with friends, and leave absolutely no time to even pencil a guy into your life? Does your work require frequent travel? Are you raising young children? Jonathon can help you focus in on whether now is a better time just to date occasionally or give you a little “tough love” on the need to make true love a priority and make room in your schedule!

Opportunities – There’s an old saying that Mr. Right isn’t going to just show up and knock on your door. Are you getting out and looking at every aspect of life as an opportunity to meet your man? Are you signed up for online dating services? Do you smile at men and engage in conversation at the grocery store, coffee house, at the gym? Jonathon’s years of experience coaching women helps you cut to the chase and discover verbal and non-verbal communication that attracts men and makes them feel you are open to being approached. And how to turn even your daily errands into chances to meet terrific guys. Are you using online dating or Facebook to meet great guys? You probably should. Social media is where most singles are, so Jonathon will coach you through what works and what doesn’t in online dating profiles, or meeting a guy as a friend first through Facebook.

Flexibility – Do you seem to date the same type of guy over and over? And then wonder why you never meet Mr. Right? Jonathon will zero in on your relationship patterns, which ones are healthy, which ones you need to replace. Often, just opening yourself up to men who might be a different “look” or career type than you usually go for can make all the difference. (And Jonathon gives entire courses on the different types of men and relationships that exist – let him help you understand these secrets as part of your coaching program).

Clarity – Are you clear about the kind of relationship and partner you want? Are you certain about what you have to offer to a man and relationship? Sometimes we get so busy with all the minutiae of meeting someone, we just set out aimlessly (just like taking that car trip without a map or GPS system). Jonathon will help you clarify what you are seeking and what you can do to find and meet your ideal relationship.

Action Plan – Yes, there’s a lot of discussion in Jonathon’s personalized coaching program. There are also written exercises to help you focus in on what and who you really want. But just like that road trip, you’re not just put behind the steering wheel after the first week. You’ll receive a comprehensive action plan so you’ll know how to proceed on your journey to lasting love. It will be like having Jonathon with you every step of the way!

Is This Coaching Program for You?

Yes, if you’re seeking the ideal relationship! But can you even define what that relationship should be? If not, this coaching program is for you. Do you know why you really want a relationship and what it will fulfill in you? Is it companionship, physical intimacy, wanting to have children? Are you seeking a relationship out of a feeling of loneliness or from a place of love and self-esteem? Don’t worry if you don’t even know the answers. That’s what The Relationship Roadmap will help you discover, explore, fine-tune.

Friends Tell You What you Want to Hear. Find Out What You Need to Hear.

Do you really know how you come across to potential partners in terms of the way you speak and the topics you discuss, eye contact and other body language, the way you dress, the energy you are sending out? Are having trouble shifting from male alpha energy to feminine energy when meeting men? Are you making it too easy for a guy to date you but not really court you?

You probably ask your women friends for advice all the time. You may even be asking your platonic male friends or family members. But friends and family don’t want to bring up anything negative or sensitive, they don’t “see” you in a romantic context so they can’t give you the truthful, yet loving, feedback you need.

Feel Safe, Have Fun, Make Progress.

Gina M.  says Jonathon creates a safe environment to work together by phone and email so you can throw out your shopping list for men and get the right guys to show up. Jonathon’s Heart-Centered Radical Honesty is direct, brutally honest, tough love but with a heart. But be prepared to laugh, too. Jonathon creates a fun conversation that feels like you’re talking to your best guy friend, sharing secrets, laughing about the mistakes we all make and can learn from.

Course Content:

  1. Relationship Road Map Sessions
  2. Understanding Men in Relationships (Included)
  3. Relationship Profile (Included)
  4. Relationship Action Plan (Included)

Shift Happens.

Jonathon’s clients, who are women just like you, experience a HUGE SHIFT in how they think about and interact with partners or potential partners. That shift creates the right way to attract and achieve the best relationship for you.

Accelerate Your Ability to Find Love.

Relationship Roadmap – $1597 ($897 deposit, balance in 2 weeks)


*Coaching services are designed to be intellectually and conversationally stimulating, and for enlightenment purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice and care of your physician, nor is it intended to be used for mental or medical diagnosis & treatment. Jonathon Aslay makes no guarantees or represents he will find you a match or resolve your relationship issue; and his services are merely designed to help you make a shift in the right direction.