So let me ask you:

Would YOU like to attract your ideal relationship?
Would YOU like to meet a quality man?
Would YOU like to do this without going out on endless bad first dates?

Using the very same techniques I used to attract my Ideal Relationship,

The LOVE MANTRA Private Coaching Program will help you craft a vision of your own beautiful relationship—and bring it to reality.

Let’s face it:  you can read every Law of Attraction book until you’re blue in the face.

You can go to seminar after seminar.

Participate in workshop after workshop.

Become an expert in “The Secret.”

You can hire matchmakers, join numerous online dating services, ask friends to set you up, try speed dating, hope, pray, and even wish on dandelions—and still wonder… Why am I still single?

Women, the core of your answer is Understanding Men.  This simple fact cannot be overstated.  And, the sooner you get started at “getting” men, the better.

Specifically, Understanding Men in Relationships is absolutely critical to helping you attract your Ideal Relationship.

As a woman, your natural perspective is female-oriented.  Big surprise, eh?  What this means is that you have a tendency to see the world through a female lens (yours and/or your girlfriends’), as opposed to a male lens, which captures the way a MAN sees the world–the way men think, feel, act, and even communicate. And, know what?  The two couldn’t be more different.  Which explains all the bestselling books on male/female decoding.  We need HELP in order to speak the same language!

But, why read a book when you can get advice that’s directly relevant to you (and skip all the rest) in person?  This is why my coaching was developed–to help you understand the way men think and, ultimately, what they are looking for in relationships. As a GUY SPY into the male mind, I help profile your ideal guy who is also looking for YOU.

Are you single and desiring a healthy, happy relationship? Do you wish you had a partner with whom to share important events and milestones as well as the daily routine that makes life real and just as magical?

But how do you find the person YOU were meant to be with? There are millions of people on the planet. How do you zero in on your True Love?

Let’s start with The Law of Attraction…

According to motivational speaker and Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Jack Canfield:

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe, and a key component found in the greatest teachings in the world for several millennium. It is the key to opening new doors of prosperity in your life. By simply applying the Law of Attraction, events in your life can unfold that seem almost magical and mysterious – but that is only the beginning.
This idea is echoed in the saying “If you don’t like the results you’re getting, change the behavior that produces those results.”  Makes sense, right?

Well, when it comes to having your Ideal Relationship—and finding your other half—this translates into clearing a path between the two of you.   Convince the universe that you have already found him or her and, before you know it, that person will show up in your life.

However, using the Law of Attraction is merely one critical step.

Another is learning and applying The 5 C’s to a Successful Relationship.

Let me tell you why I became a dating and relationship coach. Since my divorce in 2005, I have been on a personal quest to understand male-female relationships; specifically, how they work and why so many end. What I have come to learn after interviewing many happy couples is that there are 5 key elements for a successful long-term relationship.  I began sharing this newfound knowledge with friends and acquaintances and soon found they began seeking me out for my advice and perspective—because it was changing their relationships for the better.

To summarize my findings, I came up with what I call The 5 C’s to a Successful Relationship.

What are they?  I’m glad you asked.

The 5 C’s to a Successful Relationship are:
1.    Chemistry
2.    Communication
3.    Compatibility
4.    Character
5.    Continuity

When you combine the Law of Attraction and The 5 C’s for a Successful Relationship, you open the door to manifesting your Ideal Relationship.  And know what?  The results can be phenomenal.

Allow me to share my own story.

First off, I’ll admit it:  How could I myself be a dating coaching and still be single?  (Which I was, in my earlier days of coaching others.)  My response to clients would always be, “Because I am in the trenches–just like you.  I KNOW from daily experience how difficult it is to find someone right for you.  In fact, it’s why I understand exactly what you’re going through.”

I have so been there, my friend.

I have gone on countless first dates–some good and some downright bad.

But, hopeful romantic that I was, there was no way I’d concede defeat.

I’d grown up listening to my parents’ love story—the tale of a blissfully happy union that continues to fuel a now 59-year-old marriage.

After my divorce, I spent many a night, either home alone or out and about, hoping and praying that I’d find love.  Or that it would find me.

Sounds like a chick, I know.  But, then again, I do have a good balance of masculine and feminine in me.  (It’s a mixture that’s served me well in my current profession.)

And, for years, I kept thinking… if I just believed hard enough, “it” would just happen.  Love would show up.  SHE would show up, entering my life because she was meant to be there.

But, believing wasn’t enough.

So, guess what?  I still kept meeting the wrong person for me.  Which isn’t to say I didn’t encounter some great women (a few of whom I now count among my close friends).  They just weren’t “the one” I was meant to be with.  Which, of course, means I wasn’t “the one” for them.  More days (Months?  Years?) of singlehood!  WHEN would they ever end?

Then, incredibly, last October I came to realize something was missing.  The epiphany was thrilling and—well, being an epiphany–so simple!

I realized that, all along, while I had THOUGHT I’d known what (which, of course, was attached to a “who”) I wanted to ATTRACT into my life was incomplete.

Here’s what happened.  In my head, I thought I knew what I wanted, and decided to write it down.  I ended up with a fairly detailed list of what I did and didn’t want in a person and the relationship we would share.

And then, it hit me.  Looking at what I’d written, I realized I was only considering what I wanted and was looking for.  It had never occurred to me to ask, “Who wants and is looking for ME?”

So I reached out to a woman friend of mine to get a purely female perspective (I’m always looking to further sharpen my understanding of women) and to learn who would see me as HER ideal man.

The light-bulb went on—and went on BIG.  And then… I wrote my LOVE MANTRA.

A mantra, as you probably know, is an invocation—a way of petitioning (or ATTRACTING) for help or support.  In my personal journey to ATTRACT My Ideal Relationship, I learned the missing piece was creating what I call a LOVE MANTRA.

Seriously.  When I combined the power of the LAW OF ATTRACTION with The 5 C’s for a Successful Relationship to create my Love Mantra, I attracted my own delicious happy fulfilling relationship in less than 83 days. Call it the power of positive thinking, call it demanding what I wanted (and needed!) from the universe… Bottom line is, it worked.  In spades.
Yes, in 83 days from the time I wrote out my LOVE MANTRA (which I confidently named “My True Love has Arrived”), we met in person.

Actually, I first chatted with her on FACEBOOK within 38 days of writing my LOVE MANTRA and reciting it several times a day. Shortly thereafter, we had our first date—which we purposely labeled a “Friendship Date.”

Want to hear something even more amazing?  After our third month together, I came across my LOVE MANTRA in my documents file and shared it with her.  As we read it together, we were both BLOWN AWAY at the realization that prompted us to beam at each other and say, “That’s us.”

In fact, my LOVE MANTRA described our love and relationship to a tee.

Me and my girl:












Okay, enough about me—happy, knew-it-would-happen me.

Now, what about YOU?

Because, I can help you get here, too.  And I WANT you to have what I have in your own Ideal Relationship.

Listen up.

Again, at the core of attracting your Ideal Relationship is Understanding Men in Relationships.

Ladies, here’s where it gets tricky—because, face it, of the all the wonderful things you may be, you are most certainly NOT a man.  And, you absolutely need one to guide you effectively through this process.

So, how to handle the tricky part?  Hire me.  Because I AM a man, and—even more to the point–I know how to empower you to get what you want.

I have that purely male perspective you need, plus proven coaching tools to help you manifest YOUR Ideal Relationship.

I know the male mind.  I have that innate masculine energy as well as life experience (my own and that gained from sharing thoughts with other guys), that will truly clue you in to what it means to be a man who dates and longs for a relationship with the REAL woman of his dreams. (Because THAT is the type of guy you want to be with.)

From being little boys, asking girls and then women out on dates, being rejected, knowing where our personal identity comes from, why and when we act like “players,” when we know we’re truly in love, and so on and so on.

It is something no woman can offer you–and why no woman can coach you on men and MEN IN RELATIONSHIPS as I can.

Once again, using the very same techniques I used to attract my Ideal Relationship, The LOVE MANTRA Program will help you craft a vision of your own beautiful relationship—and bring it to reality.

So, join me on a journey to help YOU achieve what you want.  Create your own Love Mantra. Attract Your Ideal Relationship.

Just give me a few hours and together we will change YOUR life.


Your LOVE MANTRA Private Coaching Program includes:

  • 3 ~ Individual TAILORED Private Coaching Calls ($1,200.00 RETAIL)
  • Core Values Assessment ($200.00 VALUE)
  • Ideal Relationship Workbook ($200.00 VALUE)
  • How To Meet and Keep The One Audio Series ($800.00 VALUE)
  • Copy of “The Relationships Men Commit to and Why ($47.00 VALUE)
  • Copy of “Are You Date Ready” ($19.97 Retail)

Total Value Over $2,450.00

Session Includes

~ Preparing for LOVE ~ what’s holding you back?

~ Your Ideal Relationship ~ Understanding Men

~  Create Your Own Individual LOVE MANTRA

Individual $997 

Reserve your appointment with a $397 scheduling commitment fee (balance to be invoiced prior to 2nd session)

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