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The 5 Qualities Men Look For In A Soul Mate PLUS – The 7 Warning Signs He’s Mr. WRONG!


1The one thing that’s more important than looks or beauty.

2Whether or not it’s realistic to expect a man to be attracted to the same woman for a long time.

3What changes when it comes to attraction and dating when we’re over 40.

4What you can do to open up and become irresistible rather than resistant.

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How I Became the Guy Spy for Single Women and Learned How to Get Inside a Guy’s Head

When I divorced many years ago, I dated a lot. I wasn’t interested in anything serious at first, but just like a lot of guys who are fresh to the dating scene, I wasn’t too forthcoming about my intentions. (Since then I’ve done a LOT of reflection and personal growth.)

I thus met a lot of different women. Even though our relationship would never go past just “casual” they really enjoyed talking to me. I was a great listener. They’d tell me about the horrible experiences they had with the men they had been involved with, and used those stories as opportunities for learning something about myself and men in general.

I began to notice very clear patterns in the stories they were telling me. The men who were in love acted a certain way, and those who were just pretending to be in love, but had a secret agenda, acted a different way. Pretty soon it became obvious that a typical man can’t hide his true intentions—his words and actions gave him away clearly, whether he was interested in just a one-night stand or a lifetime commitment. You just have to know what to listen and look for!

After listening to a woman’s story and asking a few key questions, I could predict with accuracy what her boyfriend’s intentions were.

The trouble was that almost all these women had NO idea what their men were really thinking. They were just too emotionally vested to be clear-eyed and objective.

I was such a “natural” confidant and advisor, that the women I’d gotten to know wanted to remain friends and talk to me about their dating experiences long after we had stopped seeing each other romantically. I developed a network of close friendships with both men and women seeking to choose better when it came to life partners. This is how my career as a dating coach and confidant began.

Since then, I’ve taught hundreds of clients “purposeful dating” using the methods I’d developed through years of observation, research and personal experience.

Women come to me because I bridge the gap between being a “guy’s guy” and a compassionate personal confidant. They want insights into what their man is thinking and feeling, and what they can expect for the future with the man they’re with.

Now I can use my many years of experience and observation to show you how to get inside a guy’s head and know what his true intentions are!