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Learn the 5 Secret Triggers That Will Unlock His Heart So He’ll Adore You and Only You and Want to Stay Forever

Do you wish your man were most vested in your relationship, showed more love and commitment, or adored you unconditionally? If you’re frustrated because he’s acting hot and cold, distant, or inconsistent with his affections, and you’re confused about what he needs in order to be happy, I have something I need you to know:

Men aren’t that complicated.

There’s something most women don’t know about men, and even most men don’t even understand about themselves. And it’s this: The secret to cracking the code to a man’s love, affection and commitment are 5 Simple Keys. These keys are the psychological “hooks” that reel a man in and trigger him to want to commit—mind, body and soul—to your relationship. When a man experiences these 5 keys with you, he’s not going anywhere. He is happy and he’s open to falling deeply and madly in love. He will commit to the relationship automatically. He’ll begin to talk about “your future” together, he’ll want to spend time with you more often, he’ll try hard to please you and be your most adoring fan.

In this 75-minute recorded workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 simple keys are to unlocking his heart and triggering love and commitment.
  • How to avoid making the 3 most critical mistakes that make a man feel that you’re “trying too hard” —mistakes that accidentally scare him away.
  • How men fall in love, and why it’s exactly opposite of the way women fall in love, and the 4 things you need to do to “optimize” the likelihood of making him fall for you
  • A little trick about specific ways you can show your affection and appreciation that can make him dedicated to you
  • And much more…

And you’ll have an opportunity to ask me any question you wish about your man and your relationship.

Think of this as both a valuable opportunity to discover something new about men and a special coaching call.

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Bonus Recording

How to Get Any Man to Open Up in 10 Minutes

If you’ve ever experienced the pain and frustration of trying to get close to a guy who just seems emotionally distant, you may have questioned everything you know – or thought you knew – about men.

Here’s the problem: Men and women do not look at relationships in the same way. In fact, his view of relationships will change over time, depending on his personal circumstances, his age, and the state of your relationship. Only by understanding how his thoughts and feelings are influenced can you hope to have a deeper, more fulfilling relationship.

In this audio, I share with you – from a man’s point of view – the secret to getting any man to open up, no matter how closed off he seems to be, including…

  • How to understand man-speak (he’s not saying what you think he’s saying)
  • How men view love, sex, and relationships – and how this view changes over time  (make the wrong assumption here and he’ll really clam up)
  • How the language he uses can reveal his true intentions (is he ready for a relationship or not?)


This recorded teleseminar is available for immediate download and includes:

Downloadable Audio Recordings

  • Recorded Teleclass – Get instant access to the recording so you can listen again and again as you make your way through the world of dating.
  • Printable Transcript – So you can follow along and take notes.
  • Bonus Recording – How to Get Any Man to Open Up in 10 Minutes – even if you think he’s emotionally unavailable

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