What the Heck is Self Love Anyway? 

What the Heck is Self Love Anyway? 

You've heard it over and over again...

You have to love YOURSELF first before you can love another, but what the heck does that even mean? If you're like me, you might tune out or get annoyed with the idea of self-love.  

In this no-fluff, straight forward book, I have created a simple approach to answering one of life's most important questions. 

What is self-love anyway and what does it look like to truly love yourself?

What The Heck Is Self-Love Anyway?

In this book you will learn:

  • Simple real-life techniques to understand and create true self-love
  • Exactly what it means to really love yourself
  • How powerfully life-changing self-love can be, and how to experience it NOW!

Chapter 1: Speak Your Truth: Do It With Kindness

This chapter will teach you how you can free yourself from being a "people pleaser," while still maintaining kindness and feeling confident to stand in your own power!

Chapter 2: Stop F*#%ing Complaining

In this bold chapter, you will learn simple ways to start changing your mindset around life’s stresses and disappointments. You'll shift your energy to feel happier and improve all your relationships--not only with those around you, but with yourself.

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