Experience the Most Connected, Loving Relationship of Your Life by Learning the 7 Secret Insights about Men and How they Think at Each Stage of a Relationship—From a First Date, to Saying, “I love you”, to Committing to You Forever.

If you’re like most women I speak to, you have spent your life believing that it’s difficult to find a good, desirable man who isn’t in some way commitment-phobic or afraid of love.  It just seems that the older you get and the more you experience in life, the more confusing men seem.

Why do men seem to say one thing and do another?
Are most men over 40 either broken or just out to play the field?
Why aren’t men more interested in commitment, especially when they act like they’re really into you?

Here’s an astounding fact: Men really DO want to be in love, and they really DO want to be in relationships.

While it’s true that men’s needs and ways of communicating appear to be different, it’s easy to create the kind of connection and intimacy that will trigger a man to adore you, want you, and be fully committed to you. You simply need to understand how men think, what they want from a relationship with a woman, and how to inspire their greatness.

In my eCourse, Understand Men Now, you’ll learn the 7 “inside secrets” on what makes men tick when it comes to dating, love and commitment, so you’ll finally understand and appreciate why a man behaves the way he does. By understanding how a man thinks and communicates, you’ll be able to easily and quickly meet the right man and create an incredible connection between you that he won’t be able to resist.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The six types of men you might be dating or in a relationship with – and which one is ready for commitment.
  • The seven types of relationships men DO commit to…and WHY.
  • What men REALLY want in a relationship…it’s probably not what you think.
  • How to know if your date is truly available.
  • How to understand man-speak…we’re not as complicated as you think.
  • How men view sex, love, and relationships.
  • The price you’re willing to pay for a loving, committed relationship.

Chapter Titles Include:

  • Men are Not Commitment Phobic….. Page 15
  • What Men Want in a Relationship….. Page 18
  • How and Why Men Fall In LOVE….. Page 21
  • Types of Available Men….. Page 26
  • Men & Children….. Page 30
  • The Price of the Whole Package…..Page 36
  • Men and Space….. Page 40
  • Men, Sex and Commitment…..Page 57
  • Stages of Commitment….. Page 62
  • The Way Men Talk…..Page 81
  • The Relationships Men Choose and Why….. Page 94
  • Keys to the His Kingdom….. Page 96
  • The Ultimate Connection….. Page 107

“Jonathon Aslay has done the women of the world a great service….he has cracked the code to “understanding men.”
If you’re ready to have a relationship that really works, dive into his vast wealth of wisdom on men, women and relationships.”
Arielle Ford, author of Wabi Sabi Love: Finding Perfect Love In Imperfect Relationships

Let me ask you, how many books have read to understand men and why he’s just not into you or how to even catch a man and keep him?

Ask yourself, do you have the relationship you want?

My eCourse gets into the meat of what you need to know about men and the types of Relationships Men Commit to right in the first 100 pages

Let’s face it, there are two things women want most when it comes to men:

  1. You want to meet the Right Man for YOU
  2. You don’t want to waste time and risk your heart AGAIN

My eCourse is designed to do BOTH

Jonathon Aslay is like the big brother you SHOULD have had. He REALLY wants everyone to be romantically happy, and to find TRUE love. His practical, personal experience of finding, losing, and then REALLY finding true love, combined with his years of coaching hundreds of women and then hearing from thousands more through his amazing social networking communities, has given him a wealth of wisdom and insight to share with ANY woman wanting to understand men, and chart her own romantic course successfully. He’s the real deal… who can help you get and KEEP the real thing.
Carol Allen, Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach

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Included in this package, you’ll also receive:

The second part of your purchase is the Companion Audios.  After you read “The Relationships Men Commit to and Why,” you’ll find even greater insight into the male mind and answers to many of your questions by listening to these recordings.

Audio #1

  • My story, why the book and the E-Course
  • History of dating/relationship for men
  • Hero’s Journey (reality collides with his original blueprint)
  • Men are not Commitment phobic (companionship, attention, affection and regular sex ~ CAARS)
  • Types of available men
  • Men and Children
  • The Love Pie
  • Practice Patience
  • The 5 C’s
  • Men, Sex and Commitment
  • The Stages of Commitment
  • The 3 Train Tracks (LOVE & SEX, Relationship and Partnership) Love and Sex is the Brain Chemistry, Relationship is the sharing and blending of lives… here is where the power struggle occurs and partnership is the joint agreement of a relationship vision & destination…. Often living together or marriage
Audio #2
  • The 6 Main Kinds of Men
  • The Way Men Talk
  • The Truth about Dating (10 Date Rule)
  • 7 Types of Relationships
  • The Relationships Men Choose
  • The Keys to the Kingdom (explicit language)
  • The Power of 3
  • I’m Here, YOU Matter, WE are Important, I’m not going Anywhere and I want YOU
  • Wrapping up with the Ultimate Connection and Close


“Relationship Ready Men: His Journey to Commitment” A two-part audio covering these important relationship issues:

  1. Why (and how) men screw up – and what it means for the future of your relationship.
  2. The 3 “F”s men suffer from – and how to recognize and respond without damaging your future.
  3. Why men fear “I love you” and what to do about it.
  4. A special 1-hour discussion of every man’s Hero’s Journey, and how it effects his dating life.

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There’s no catch. I believe in this material and have seen the positive effects of understanding men. So if you don’t find the concepts behind “The Relationship Men Commit to and Why ” to be truly beneficial, simply reply to the email confirmation you’ll receive when downloading my eCourse, write Refund eCourse in your message, and I will refund you for the full amount. No questions asked! “The Relationship Men Commit to and Why ” is no-risk. If you don’t see the value in it, I don’t want you to pay for it. But I’m not too worried about that. I’m confident that this limited-time offer is going to be one of the best long-term investments you’ve ever made in yourself.

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