Is He a Knight or a Nightmare?

Today, divorce rates are at about one out of two marriages.

So chances are, you’ve either dated a divorced man or will very soon. Especially for women who are ages 40 and over—after all, the pool of available men is filled with men holding baggage from previous marriages.

But just because a man’s marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean he isn’t the perfect match for you.

In fact, the breakup of his marriage may have made him a better man – if he’s done the self-work to make things work better next time. But you need to know what to look for as you judge each man with your head and your heart.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you my latest audio product exploring the world of divorced men (and I should know, I am one).

Jonathon Aslay is like the big brother you SHOULD have had. He REALLY wants everyone to be romantically happy, and to find TRUE love. His practical, personal experience of finding, losing, and then REALLY finding true love, combined with his years of coaching hundreds of women and then hearing from thousands more through his amazing social networking communities, has given him a wealth of wisdom and insight to share with ANY woman wanting to understand men, and chart her own romantic course successfully. He’s the real deal… who can help you get and KEEP the real thing.
Carol Allen, Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach

In Dating Divorced Men: Your Knight or Your Nightmare?, I explain the good and the bad—to help you decide what you’re willing to accept and what’s a deal-breaker.

How long has he been divorced? In my years as a heart-centered relationship coach, I’ve developed specific guidelines so you’ll know whether a man hasn’t been divorced long enough to heal, or whether he’s relationship-ready. This is especially important if his ex is a drama queen, or both of them are still very involved in each other’s life.

Do you need to be the center of his world? When you’re dating a divorced man, there may be children involved (his, but maybe even yours). You may only be able to see him when he doesn’t have the kids at his place. He may want to spend holidays with his ex-wife so his children can still have a sense of family tradition. Can you handle that or will you feel like you’re second best? In this workshop, we’ll talk about when you’re being realistic versus when you’re settling.

Is his money going to his ex-honey? Face it, many men are paying alimony and child support. Does he have the finances to court you the way you expect Or are you willing to split the cost of dating?

If he’s shown commitment once, will he seek it again? The good thing is that a divorced man “pulled the marriage trigger” once. I’ll help you see when a divorced man is relationship-ready because he wants the love of a committed relationship again. Or what red flags to look out for that he’s now bitter, blaming women and only committed to playing the field.

Is he more responsible or more reckless? If a divorced men has children, he may be a great father who has learned many lessons about being very responsible.That’s the “Knight.” But the “nightmare” divorced guy could be running from responsibilities, out to sow every oat he can. We’ll discuss how to spot the difference.

Has he learned to seek the right one the second time around? Some men are so shaken by the failure of a divorce, it forces them to do a lot of self-improvement work, introspection and make changes. I call it “The Hero’s Journey” and I personally had to go through it before I was ready to meet my beloved. Men who’ve recognized the mistakes made in previous relationships are often more eager and capable to keep their new partner happy.

“Jonathon Aslay has done the women of the world a great service….he has cracked the code to “understanding men.”
If you’re ready to have a relationship that really works, dive into his vast wealth of wisdom on men, women and relationships.”
Arielle Ford, author of
Wabi Sabi Love: Finding Perfect Love In Imperfect Relationships

Before you say “goodnight forever” to someone who could be a potential Knight, listen to “Dating Divorced Men: Your Knight or Nightmare?” – You might just be about to lose your Prince Charming!

Dating Divorced Men includes a two-part audio recording of a live workshop, transcripts from both calls, and a special Dating Divorced Men test to help you determine if he really is date ready.


Special Bonus

The Dating Divorced Man Test – Find out if you’re ready for the challenges that face women who date divorced guys. And more importantly, find out if He’s ready!

These 25 questions are designed to help you discover the unique issues you’ll face as the girlfriend of a divorced man – before they become an insurmountable problem.



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