Taking Things Slow, What Does That Mean?

So when a guy says that, what does he really mean? Let’s say you are seeing someone you really like (having sex) right after he ended a marriage or relationship. He doesn’t want the pressure of deciding his future and you don’t want to lose him. Just curious, what do you think happens after the “slow” part ends?

Here is my take: when a man has just ended a relationship whether it was a marriage or something serious, rarely is he really ready to enter into something serious right away. So let’s say you meet someone and you both believe you have this amazing chemistry and you begin seeing each other including being intimate and then he says he would prefer to take it slow.

That usually means you are not the one for him and he wants to have his out already planned using the trauma of the ended relationship as his out for ending a relationship with you.

If he really wants to take it slow to get to know you as a person, then the sex need not be a part of the getting to know you. In addition, if he really wants a relationship with anybody, the last thing a man does is take things slow, in fact usually the opposite. There is one type of man who usually enters a committed relationship with the first person he meets after a divorce and that is the co dependent man (generally speaking).

If you are ok with that personality then by all means stick it out. Just remember, taking it slow is usually code for I want my cake and eat it too.  IMHO